Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Moisturizing Box Braids, Twists and Yarn Braids

When dealing with natural hair it can become frustrating at times pertaining to the growth rate and overall care.   I know many of us natural goers are turning to styles like box braids, twists, and even yarn braids and dreads as protective styles. While all of the above can help protect your hair they can be the very culprit to destroy it.  Many of us are guilty of throwing in some box braids or twists and just forgetting about taking care of our hair while in protective styles.  Here are 3 Easy steps to get you on the path of moisturized hair!

Rule #1 Moisturize Braids/Twists etc.
Not the entire braid/twist but the part from the root to where your real hair stops.  That causes you not to waste product on the many other inches of extensions.  A good product that I stand by is Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-in Conditioner.  It’s a natural spray on leave in conditioner that works wonders.

Rule #2 Nourish Your Scalp
You must treat your hair like a plant if you want it to grow.  Think of your scalp at the roots and soil.  You must fertilize!!  I use Olive oil and  raw Coconut oil to nourish my scalp and also my hair in protective styles. Both can be found at the grocery store or health store.
Rule #3
A silk or satin scarf/head wrap is your best friend.  The fibers in a silk or satin scarf/head wrap do not pull and tug on your edges which leads to less breakage and dryness as appose to a cotton scarf/head wrap.

Stay moiturized!


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